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February 21, 2018

Making Art


You’ve come across us on a most dichotomous day.  An evening of extremes.  A struggle of sides.  A paragraph where I run out of synonyms for “day,” apparently.

Upon the stage of the Eurasia Gallery, Gavin’s noble, but delicate quills are being mangle, MAULED…but only in the hopes of bringing Ai’s ambitious (if ill-executed) drawing to life!

Woe betide us this day!  Is it better to master only one thing, but live long in its pursuit?  Or die in the task of trying strange, but for the sake of helping another achieve their dreams?  WOE BETIDE US!  WOOOOOOOOOE!

Fainting Onto a Chaise Lounge,
Seanathan Taylorton Esquire III

February 17, 2018

Happy Chinese New Year!

Néih Hóu,

Today is the second day of 2018’s Spring Festival, better known as Chinese New Year.  In honor of the holiday (and because one of our characters celebrates it), we made a special Spring Festival upload for the Eurasia Gallery!

I hope that all of our friends who celebrate the Festival enjoy it this year and…I…Uh…I hope everyone else has a good day too…President’s Day is coming up for Americans, so that’s pretty cool…I don’t have any idea what the rest of the world is doing…


February 14, 2018

Singles Awareness Day


Okay, I’m gonna real-talk with you.  I was GONNA make a bunch of jokes to treat Singles Awareness Day as some kind of PSA for people with no dates (myself included), but then I found out S.A.D. is actually kind of a real thing.  Like…to the point that it has a more official counterpart called National Singles Day that’s actually kinda recognized in America, the UK and China.  Considering S.A.D. is apparently a real thing, I think any jokes I can come up with are less interesting than what you’ll find on the Wikipedia Page.

In any event, we have special, holiday-themed uploads to the Eurasia Gallery today!  Chynna actually drew two of them!…Okay, she only drew one, but another one she drew for unrelated kicks and giggles feels appropriate for the day too…Oh, what, you’re gonna complain?  For what, getting an EXTRA THING FOR FREE!?…Oh, it’s because you’re single.  Sorry, I wasn’t aware.

S.A.D. (Single And Depressed),

February 10, 2018

This Reminds Me of a Cross-Over

Chapter 1: It Was a Dark and Stormy Day (where I live, anyway),

Puzzle 001: A Professor and his Apprentice have arrived at TAGQ.  They study at Museums and they are well-versed in European and Asian artwork.  Where are they on this site?

(Used a Hint Coin.)

They’re in the Eurasia Gallery…Wait…That’s not a Hint so much as me just giving the answer away, isn’t it?  Yeah, well, the only thing harder than solving puzzles is making them, so leave me alone!

Every Up Has a Load…

February 7, 2018

Gotta Gav Me Some Griffin


Not much to report today, just a new upload to the Eurasia Gallery.  I know it’s not much, but some websites don’t get *any* updates, so count your blessings…you little ingrates.

Wondering Why He Ever Got Into This,

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