We were brought into this mortal realm to destabilize order, expose the hypocrisy of love, and make comics...Those first two were too hard, so we decided to do the last one...

Please don't tell our demon lord we're slacking...

Chynna Miller


Job: Ritualistic Picture Summoner
Likes: Fantasy, Techno Punk, Masks
Dislikes: Mortal Kombat, Nudey Magazine Day, Rated R Stuff
Personal Quote: I swear, it's medicinal.
Fun Fact: Opted in for a Face/Off operation, but had to stop halfway when her partner cancelled their operation.

Sean Taylor


Website: ThingStudios.com
Job: Occultist Word Sorcorer

Likes: Superheroes, Fantasy, Superheroes and Superheroes
Dislikes: Children, Maths...Probably You
Personal Quote: Yeah, but is it supposed to smell like that?
Fun Fact: Was Chynna's Face/Off partner.