This statement may come as a surprise, or even startling, so I want to first emphasize that Big Trouble in Little Towns WILL be finished and Chynna is still working on it…That said, Big Trouble is the LAST thing that Chynna is working on.

Your friend and mine, Chynna, has decided that she doesn’t like you anymore that her heart isn’t quite in Intercardinal anymore and that new inspirations are calling out to her.  Fortunately, she was VEEEEEEERY gracious in exiting and has no qualms with me (Sean) keeping the lights on here at TAGQ and making more Intercardinal in the future; the only catch is that she wants to keep Gavin’s name and hair color, should she ever make her own version of him for her own stories.

As such, Intercardinal’s Gavin needs a new name and hair color, so I’m asking YOU, the readers!  I came up with some possible names and hair colors for all of Gavin’s fans to choose from, as well as an option to submit your own suggestions!  Just comment down below with your favorite hair color and name and I’ll most likely use the options with the most votes; user-generated suggestions can be anything you want them to be, but bear in mind I won’t be giving our knight any goofy names like Donkrus, or hair colors like rainbow sherbet, so keep it reasonable.

While I’m as sad as you are to see Chynna go, we can kidnap her and hide her in a secret clubhouse say good-bye to her when she gives us the last page of Big Trouble.  Right now, Gavin needs your help, so let’s get to picking and choosing!