EDIT: I thought there was a contest for shark-oriented artwork that was running until the 27th; said contest was the reason I drew this picture and I decided to fix it up all purty-like to make it a better advertisement TAGQComic.com.  While there was a contest for sharks, it ended on the 25th, which means I didn’t get this done in time…While I can’t drag more people over to our fanbase kicking and screaming, it was the plan all along to release the finalized version of Stefan vs The Lusca today, since I spent all the time I could have spent drawing a new picture working on the details…So, here you go!  More colors, bigger and hopefully better in some other ways that I don’t know of.</EDIT>

The shark we call Jaws has been terrorizing the depths of our imaginations for 75 years but the Lusca has made itself the horror of Bahamian legends and folklore for centuries.  The Lusca is a terrible creature, half-shark and half-octopus, that creates whirlpools and destroys ships…And right now, it wants to add Stefan’s demise to its story.