You all voted and I all listened…No, that’s not right.

You voted and I listened!  The election for our favorite knight’s new name and hair color was very close and we got some interesting user-submitted suggestions, but we could only have one winner…well, two, since we were voting on two categories…WE COULD ONLY HAVE ONE COMBINATION OF WINNERS AND YOU HAVE SPOKEN!

Say hello to Stefan, knight and unintentionally condescending bookworm extraordinaire!  Though his hair color and name have changed, he’s still the same hero we met way back when and Ai still follows him home for food.  I’ll likely go back and edit all of the speech bubbles on earlier pages to replace “Gavin” with “Stefan,” but his hair color won’t be changed in the comics until we move onto a new story, since I woudln’t know how to change it grayscale keeps it from being too obvious that he was originally blonde.

Thank you all very, VERY much for voting on this!  I’m honored that you all enjoy the series enough to actually weigh in on it and I hope you enjoy these new changes to the same old knight we all know and love.