Welcome to the Island of Misfit Toys...I mean, our Miscellaneous Library.

We have a lot of ideas, but some of them are too short to have a whole page dedicated to them and others are still too deep in rough drafts to get "called up to the majors," as it were.  However, we love all of our children, so made room for all of them.

You can come here if you want something short and sweet to skim through, or even see what we're thinking about when we're not working on one of our bigger projects.  You may even see our next big project in its infancy...

Animal Child Services

Baby animals have a LOT of crap stacked against them.  Is anyone looking out for them?

Seasonal Police Comic

Seasonal Police 1 Seasonal Police 2 Seasonal Police 3 Seasonal Police 4 tagqseasonalpolice5smalll

A short comic featuring Emmanuel and Dale de Guzman, two of Chynna's first original characters (do not steal).  These brothers from the same mother (and father) are ready to get the jump on holiday sales with some creative scheduling, but they've just crossed...THE SEASONAL POLICE!

Christmas in July?  Christmas episodes in November?  Christmas music in October?  Not on their watch...Man, Christmas gets a lot of preempting...