Ebenezer Sean sprung from his bed and darted to his window.  He saw a red-headed stepchild Chynna walking down the road.

“You there,” Sean cried out joyously.  “What weekend is this!?”

” ‘Tis Christmas weekend, m’lord.”  Chynna replied, overestimating Sean’s rank in society.

“Splendid!  Go fetch me the biggest update you can!”  Sean demanded, still kinda bossy despite having learned a lesson.

“I already drew it!  And posted it to the Eurasia Gallery!”  Chynna protested.  “Unlike you, I pay attention to what day it is and knew Christmas was coming!”

“Well, unlike YOU,” Sean retorted.  “I have a job and can’t afford to just sit around, drawing pictures all day!”

After that, things got kinda ugly, unproductive and surprisingly bloody.  Regardless, we all wish you joy in our festive submission, the holiday of your choosing and the time you can spend with the ones you love.