We have a few things to announce.  First and foremost, a new upload to the Eurasia Gallery.

We made a few changes to the site.  The background color has been dimmed a smidge (maybe two) to prevent eyesore, we simplified the Superburbs section of the site to prevent eyesore and we reworked the entire Eurasia Section of the site.

We still have the Eurasia Gallery, but we made a new page for Eurasia Comics.  This page includes the two short comics Chynna has made so far and the two rough storyboards we uploaded a while back.  There isn’t anything new on this page yet, but Chynna is putting the finishing touches on a new comic she had to make for Skull School.  She’s very excited about this one and, to let you in on a secret, so am I.  That comic will be going to the new Eurasia Comics page.

So, a few little diddies (did I use that word correctly?) going on around here.  We hope you like them and what we have in store for you down the line.

Incapable of Drawing a Straight Line,