First thing’s first, we uploaded a new Bonus Comic to the Eurasia Gallery, another fruit of Chynna’s art classes.

Secondly, I will still be going to this year’s New York Comic Con and telling anyone who cares about our fair site here.  If you see a guy dressed as Marvel’s Shocker on Friday or DC’s Professor Pyg on Saturday, he might just be me.

Third, but not least, Chynna has been working her hands to the bone making pieces for this year’s Inktober Challenge, a sketch for every day!  They’ve been posting daily on our social media sites (conveniently located to the left) and they’ve all been great.  We’ll likely post these sketches to TAGQ when the thrill of keeping up with daily deadlines has passed.

Fourth thing is…No.  There is NO fourth thing!

Biddy, Biddy Bum,
Sean, All Day Long