“Sifu” is Cantonese for “teacher.”  We won’t go into it in any more detail in this issue, but Ai’s Sifu would be the monk who taught her to fight when she lived in Lung Kwok.  Speaking of Lung Kwok, it has been a while since Ai has lived there.  Visiting Kwong Zan will be the first time Ai has interacted with any remnants of her home culture since she met Gavin, so she’s understandably intimidated by this.

And how ’bout those rental animals, eh?  Since the Guild is tax-exempt, they can afford to spring for some animals to help their Heroes do all the traveling their missions require.  None of them are top-of-the-line, pure-breeds with maxed-out IV’s and EV’s (those kind of animals would be up to the Heroes to buy for themselves), but they get the job done.