So, pretty touching moment, right? Ai was very scared about her competencies, but Gavin was there for her and helped her realize how great she was…And then Ai just ruined it all.

Some things:

1) Not only is Ai incapable of reading Highland (because she hasn’t been studying Gavin’s lessons), but she has NO IDEA how to count…at all. By this exchange, she’s not even sure what number is what, meaning she honestly couldn’t tell you if 5 was greater than 1,000 or vice-versa. This is the kind of hero you get when your comic is written by two people who are relatively certain that Math is a fake language made up by demons to confound people.

2) One of the two langauges Gavin speaks fluently is obviously Highland, what the world of Intercardinal calls English. We haven’t decided what the other three languages he knows are.

3) This is Tor, the Shuttle Turtle. He is our new favorite character.