Clothes. Buildings. Carts. All things that are either in the background or we all otherwise take for granted…But you know what 90% of scenery is made up of? CLOTHES, BUILDINGS AND (sometimes) CARTS! I had to look far and wide for references for what kind of clothes and buildings and tools people from Ancient China would use. This led to poor Chynna’s brain nearly frying from trying to keep track of all of the reference images and hitting roadblocks every time she found some thing neither of us originally thought to find an image for. THAT brought me back to searching far and wide for references and giving them to Chynna, frying her brain again!

UGH! Don’t even get me STARTED on how much time and effort we put into researching Kwong Zan! If you get me started on the research as much as Ai got this kind man started, I WILL NOT BE AS POLITE AND CORDIAL AS HIM! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!

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