The neighborhood might be thinning out, but the plot is only thickening!  Why are houses coming down during a trade dispute?  The people don’t seem to be rioting, so why is there some destruction rather than no destruction or total destruction?

So, you’re probably wondering why Ai is so down on herself when she’s speaking to that old man, huh?  Well, it turns out that Chinese honorifics are…kinda complicated.  They’re not single words like “Sir” or suffixes you can add onto someone’s name like “San;” they’re actually a series of adjectives you add onto your name and your addressee’s name, normally to make yourself sound humble and insignificant and your addressee sound like a rockstar made out of gold.  Ai, being a kid, would want to let her elder know that she’s young (and therefore trash).  At the same time, she would have to acknowledge that the old man is old (and therefore awesome) and make sure he shows that she holds his age in high regard.  You can find out more about this deadly dance of words on Wikipedia.

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