In case it bears repeating, Highland is the Intercardinal world’s equivalent to English. It’s not relevant to this story, but most of Intercardinal’s equivalent to Europe is unified under a quasi-government called The Highlands.  The leaders of each nation meet regularly and discuss how their collective should progress and the Highland language is spoken throughout all of their countries, but they all still have their own currencies, customs and governments.  It’s a little more UN than it is EU.

Onto more pressing matters, however, we finally get to see the Guild Hero that’s been protecting Kwong Zan…and her big cat.  The Guild office must like her a LOT if they gave her such a huge cart and animal to transport her around…I bet that cat doesn’t fall asleep in the cold either.  Just when you thought Kwong Zan was the only group that didn’t like Gavin and Ai, it looks like they’re not too popular back home either.