Are you a busy witch on the go?  Have complicated spells you can’t memorize, but no time to pull out a human-sized book every time you need to hurl a fireball?  Well, have we got the thing for you!  Try the Sheet of Reference!  It’s patented design…is a glorified piece of paper with spells written on it.  Yeah, our witch keeps a little cheat-sheet of her most useful spells so that she can cast in a hurry.  It’s not elaborate, but it is useful.

As per Chinese folklore, the Nian fears the color red.  Given that red is associated with fortune and the Nian brings only misery, one can take a guess why China (and Lung Kwok for that matter) say that red can ward off evil.  The Nian and these ideas of red are all tied to China’s Spring Festival, if you want to know more about them.