It must be a cold day in Hell because we are BACK!  It is very ice to see you and I have chills about what’s coming up next in the comic!  You’re gonna want to freeze this moment in time, because it’ll go down in history as one of the coolest thi…Can I stop doing this?  Does anyone even like this?  And why is ice, of all things, such a pun magnet?  That movie came out a million years ago and nobody even liked it!

…But yeah, the comic’s back!  Chynna has finished all of the remaining pages of the comic and I’ll be uploading them every Saturday without anymore delays!

Thank you all very, Very, VERY, VERY much for your patience during all of this and staying with Intercardinal long enough to see it through!  Your loyalty is IMMEASURABLY appreciated and this comic would have no reason to exist with you!  To that end, I hope this story was worth your patience and lives up to your hopes and dreams.