Finn Balor nails the Coup de Grace!  We could have a new Universal Champion!

My, my how the worm has turned…in mid-air…and then got its guts stomped in by another worm…that’s half its age.
The worm has had better days…

Anywho, this scene actually caused Chynna and I quite a bit of confusion while we were writing the story.  We were always going to have the Nian pull a cart for Agitha, but the size of the cart was closely-related to the size of the Nian; a big cat needs a cart, but we couldn’t agree on how big the cat was going to be at first.  We almost made the Nian two stories tall on all four legs, but Chynna pointed out that Stefan being able to fight a monster that big one-on-one with just a sword and shield seemed unrealistic and suggested making the cat smaller…But I was dead-set on Ai using the cart’s height to double-stomp Agitha, so the cart needed to be big and the Nian needed to be big to pull it.  One fight scene was seemingly making the other one impossible.

Eventually, we opted to go with Chynna’s size for the Nian and we drew out sketches of how big a drop it would be from Agitha’s bench to the ground on a cart built for our Nian and we felt it was big enough to justify this maneuver.  What do you think?  Is the cart a good height for this move to make sense?  Do you like this move and think all of our planning was worthwhile?…’Cause if you don’t, I have a big wagon and a hyperactive kid I wanna introduce you to.