What?  I-I’m not crying…You’re crying!…J-Just drop it, okay!?

So, a little story about how Chynna and I came to write this story.  Chynna and I decided to make a comic together, but we couldn’t settle on anything solid until we thought to make a comic about characters we used in roleplaying games, with Stefan (then Gavin) being based on someone Chynna uses and Ai being based on someone I use.  Tweaking things about our characters to make them work in the same setting was easy enough and the idea of making them fight mythological creatures was cool, but the comic didn’t quite click for us yet; there wasn’t a real X-Factor to spark our spirits and get us excited about the story.

Then, we compromised that Ai would be pretty young and, if she was so young, she’d probably need someone to look after her.  The minute Stefan stopped being her partner and started being her dad, the lightbulbs lit up in our heads and you couldn’t keep us from talking about these two and the adventures we’d put them on.  I thought that the mythology and the battles would be the biggest feature in this comic but my favorite aspect is Stefan and Ai’s relationship; Intercardinal just wouldn’t be Intercardinal without this dynamic.