So, I actually put a lot of thought into Haste’s design.  Aside from the padding to protect him from falling and his helmet based on those of  bicyclists, I included some high-tech tools into his visor.  Not that it’s terribly-visible with its size, but he has something akin to a Google Glass in the lower corner of his visor; something to tell him the distances between himself and objects around him or messages he’s getting while he’s out.  The other device, which is what he’s using in the last panel of this page, is a headset microphone that lets him communicate with people.  This was all done because I wanted to establish that Haste, despite his mannerisms, is a professional supervillain with a higher quality of gear than you’d expect a suburban villain to have (meaning yes…someone paid  him to blow up a bookstore, of all things).  Though he’s using his microphone now, I don’t think he’s calling his employer right now…

Aaaaaaaand I’m just noticing that Princess Drill Hands’ arm-gloves weren’t colored in.  Whoopsie.