References.  I live for them.  They are arguably the reason why Superburbs exists.

Haste loudly proclaiming his anonymity is a Backslide in time to a blue-skinned villain equally proud of his stealth.
These pretzels are making the man in the purple shirt THIRSTY!
There is, however, one reference I’ll give you for free.

August O’Neil is named and modeled after several people.
Being a detective in a trenchcoat puts him in the same category as Dick Tracey and The Question.  With Tracey being yellow and Question being blue, August finishes the primary color set in red.
With August’s occupation and similarity to The Question, I named him partially after comic book writer, Dennis O’Neil, whose famous for his work on The Question and Detective Comics.
Once his last name was set as O’Neil, my mind immediately went to April O’Neil, of Ninja Turtles fame.  I obviously couldn’t call him “April,” but I lucked out when I discovered that there was a real life playwright named August Wilson, giving me all the permission I needed to name a person after a calendar month.

…And then I realized I still didn’t have a story to put this mound of references into and had to get to work on that…after some more references.