I don’t wanna brag…but I really like the “invisible” effect on August here.  Some characters have eyes you can see in the dark and others have laughter you can see in the panel, so I though it’d be cool if August had a signature look of his own; I figured that if his coat is bright red anyway, why not have it stand out in his smokescreen?  This, of course, is just a little thing for the audience (that’s you!) and not really happening in the story; if Haste were to look directly at August in this smokescreen, he wouldn’t be able to see him.

Oh, and I guess I should specify here, because it’s never stated in the comic, but August is a superhuman too.  He has the power to emit smoke from his pores, which he can use to hide himself and blind enemies.  An odd power for sure, but a big, fat inspiration for him was The Question, so fog was a must-have.