It’s been a while since we’ve had a major announcement, but we have something juicy for you now!

I, the Great and Infallible Sean, will be traveling to New York Comic Con to beg for attention enlighten the fellow Con-goers of TAGQComic and Eurasia!  Chynna made a three-panel comic in her comic-making class that works out perfectly for a quirky little business card to hand out to Con-goers and senpais already in the biz!  We hope to earn a few fans and get TAGQ some traffic.

If you’re going to be at NYCC this year, I’d love to meet ya.  I won’t have a table, but I will be wandering the Con, dressed as Marvel’s Shocker on Friday and DC’s Professor Pyg on Saturday…Probably not great for our brand for me to dress up as other companies’ characters, but maybe we’ll sing a different tune next year.

If you won’t be at NYCC, don’t despair!  We uploaded the very comic I’ll be handing out to our Eurasia Gallery, in a new sub-gallery called “Bonus Comics.”  Since Chynna’s comic-drawing class has this weird penchant for drawing comics, she’ll have a few good yarns for us in the future, the comic I’m handing out at NYCC being the first of them.  These comics won’t be affecting the main plot of Eurasia, so we’re giving them their own section in the gallery called “Bonus Comics”…Because that’s exactly what they are.  Comics you get as a bonu–I SHOULDN’T HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS!

Uh…I mean, I hope you enjoy the new comic and the others we have coming up.  It’ll be great to see some fans at New York, but I will be deeply offended understand not everyone will be there.

Looking Forward to Big Things (And Over His Shoulder for Government Spies),