Another week, another update.  What have we got for you this time?

Honestly, not much.  You may as well go home.  Really, nothing happened.  Okay, you really dragged it out of me, but here it is:

We have a new picture for the Eurasia Gallery and we ENABLED COMMENTS!

Using WordPress’ tools, we have enabled comments for the Eurasia Gallery, Superburbs Character Profiles and all of our blog posts from here on out.  You can set yourself up with an account name, avatar and post about how badly we murdered your childhood in the face.  Yay, communication!

We will need to manually approve of all comments at first, so don’t be discouraged if your post doesn’t show up right away.  We don’t intend to keep it this way forever, we’re just playing it safe at first so that we don’t open our precious little website open to all the bots, spam and…other bad things out there.  We also won’t be policing the comments and declining anything we disagree with; the only comments we will turn down are ones from robots and spammers…and maybe ones that are meaner than feels necessary for a situation, but we’re pretty flexible.

If you have any trouble signing up for accounts or feel that we’re taking longer than we should to approve your comments, just hit us up on your social media of choice, we’re on deviantART, Tumblr, Facebook, Pinterest and Instagram.

That’s all we have for now.  Enjoy the artwork and come up with some good usernames; I wanna be OFFENDED and I know you’ve got it in you!…okaybutmaybedon’tmakeoffensiveusernamesbecausethat’snotcoolkaythanksbye.

Yours Forever,
Sean <3
(Heh heh heh.  That emoji looks like a butt wearing a party hat.)