Hello One and All!

In America, tomorrow will be Thanksgiving, so we’re celebrating with a special T-Day picture in our very own Eurasia Gallery!  We TOTALLY made it specially for Thanksgiving!  Honest!  We didn’t have this picture that was made for no specific reason sitting around forever and then just threw it up because it coincidentally fit the theme to save ourselves from making a new picture!  HONEST!

Our thoughtful and sincerest celebration of the holiday aside, we also uploaded the next page in our little Bonus Comic to the Comics Page.  We hope you enjoy all the blood, sweat, tears and Sean’s half-hearted advice from that Chynna put into this comic!

On a slightly more serious note, I hope you all enjoy this day, regardless of your country of origin and whether or not you celebrate T-Day.  It can be a big, scary and confusing world out there, so it’s nice to have someone to turn to, or just casually be around, to help make you feel less alone in all of this.

Happy Thanksgiving or Just Happy Day,