Seems like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it?  A special movie came into our lives and gave us a memorable adventure of fun, danger and the indestructible courage of humanity.  A movie that launched careers and redefined Hollywood and Summer movies.

I, of course, am speaking of the illustrious gem, the shining star, the legend that is Independence Day: Resurgence.  What?  This movie doesn’t have Will Smith in it?  Then what movie am I thinking of?

Anywho, we updated the site some more.  The Miscellaneous page now has proper content on it; check out our comics “Seasonal Police” and “Animal Child Services!”  We also have some more Eurasia artwork for you, two very pristine pictures Chynna made for school…or during school…or in the vicinity of a school…or while being enrolled in a school…I don’t know details of the story, just look at the pictures.  They’re very nice.

A movie that may or may not have Will Smith.  Uploads on our little website.  Yes, the day of July 4th certainly has some great things associated with it…Oh, and some guys rebelled against an all-powerful empire and established a country that would forever change the fate of the planet and made this internet thing I’m typing on right now.  I mean, if you like obscure trivia, that is.