Only two weeks into the “No More Cool Updates” regime and we’re already back to cool updates!  You can’t keep a mob of psychopaths good team down!

First thing’s first, we have a new doodle for you in the Eurasia Gallery.  Go check it out–y’know, if you’re not SQUAAAAAAAAARE!

I’m sorry.  I have no idea where that came from…

Anyway, the big announcement we have for you this week is that we are back to two uploads a week.  We’ll be uploading the usual Eurasia work on Wednesdays (like today! 8D).  On Saturdays, we’ll be uploading newer artwork Chynna has been working on so she can shamelessly brag about share the skills she’s been learning at that big-brained art school she’s been smartin’ herself up at…Oh, we didn’t tell you?  Chynna’s studying art at Some College University of Utah Land.

Oh, we didn’t tell you?  Chynna lives in Utah.  There’s only 5 people in the whole state and she’s one of them, so she’ll be super easy to find…That is, of course, if you can survive THE DREADED SALT FLAAAAAAAATS!

This joke really got away from me…Just remember older Eurasia stuff on Wednesdays and newer Eurasia stuff on Saturdays.

Sean With an “ean,” Not a “hawn” and Certainly Not With a “haun.”