How is everyone?

Yes, this is a late post, but we had a party for my aging dog and it was kind of a “while we have the chance” kind of thing.  Anywho, some news to announce!

We have some more posts to the Eurasia Gallery, a new Inktober and the usual Saturday upload.  I think the Inktober looks great as-is, but Chynna wanted me to tell you all that she’ll be scanning the picture soon to get a clearer file for it soon.

In other news, I’m back from Comic Con and circulated a lot of cards!  If you’re visiting any of our sites because of said cards, thank you very much for coming!  I hope you enjoy what we have and stick around, because we have more content coming every week.  On the note of Comic Con, I got some free inking pens from Marvy Uchida, courtesy of Buddy Scalera of Comic Book School.

I don’t draw by hand often because I suck at it, but these pens are super smooth and nice…I should probably give them to Chynna, because my having them is like giving a katana to a sloth.  Buddy Scalera’s Comic Book School hosted a lot of informational panels on the comics biz and even posts regular messages to email, if you sign up for his mailing list.  Why did I just talk about two sites that have nothing to do with us?  Because Buddy’s a cool guy and if we spread the message of the free stuff he gave out, he’ll get more free stuff to hand out to more people.  I believe the ancient Greeks called it “Uroboros,” which is Sanskrit for “Team Work Makes the Dream Work.”  #NoneOfThatIsTrue

Anywho, it’s good to be back from the Con and I hope we can all more forward into an age of prosperity and people liking our stuff.  I am such a good writer…