Okay, I’m gonna real-talk with you.  I was GONNA make a bunch of jokes to treat Singles Awareness Day as some kind of PSA for people with no dates (myself included), but then I found out S.A.D. is actually kind of a real thing.  Like…to the point that it has a more official counterpart called National Singles Day that’s actually kinda recognized in America, the UK and China.  Considering S.A.D. is apparently a real thing, I think any jokes I can come up with are less interesting than what you’ll find on the Wikipedia Page.

In any event, we have special, holiday-themed uploads to the Eurasia Gallery today!  Chynna actually drew two of them!…Okay, she only drew one, but another one she drew for unrelated kicks and giggles feels appropriate for the day too…Oh, what, you’re gonna complain?  For what, getting an EXTRA THING FOR FREE!?…Oh, it’s because you’re single.  Sorry, I wasn’t aware.

S.A.D. (Single And Depressed),