Ahoy, Ahoy,

Here we are again, upping dates and and–That doesn’t make any sense.  We updated the site.

This is actually a pretty big deal today, because Chynna (you know, girl-one) just finished the rough drafts to the first issue of Eurasia (working title)!  That means we can finally start drawing our first comic and go down the painful path of printing and selling our very own comic to the world!  To commemorate this milestone in our Grand Design, we uploaded one of her storyboards to the Eurasia Gallery.

While you’re there, you’ll also notice that we gave the page a bit of a facelift.  Our artwork there is now separated into three categories: Doodles (random, goofy things Chynna and I draw of the Eurasia characters), Concept Art (self-explanatory) and Rough Drafts (ditto).  You’ll find our shiny Pokemon new storyboard in the Rough Drafts section, naturally, as well as a new piece of concept art in the Concept Art section…naturally.

This rough draft may only be a single step, but it’s the first step on a great journey and a journey we look forward to seeing you on…Because there’s probably bandits along the way and we have every intent of selling you to them for our own safety.

Hugs and Kisses,