Hey Howdy,

Couldn’t let July end without getting one more post in, not even a little bit.

If you head over to our Eurasia Gallery, you’ll notice that not only do we have a new post from Chairman Mao Chynna, but we even have a little comic drawn by me, God-Emperor Sean!  You’ll notice my art isn’t as good quite like Chynna’s, but it still shows off Gavin and Ai being, well, Gavin and Ai.  At the end of the day, isn’t that all that really matters?

While I’ve got you on the horn, I’ll let you in on another secret, a little business buzz, some insider trading (without the jail time).  Chynna has been amassing an army of doodles for our fair site that we’re finally ready, willing and Gable to share with the world!  Starting next Wednesday, we’ll be posting a new doodle/sketch/proof of beauty in the world from Maiden Chynna herself.  Posts will come once a week and stop when The Beat stops and, as we all know, The Beat goes on and The beat Goes on…Th-that means we’re going to continue posting new pictures indefinitely.

That’s all for now.  I hope you enjoy the artwork to come down the line…But we’re gonna post it even if you don’t.

Sean xoxo