Psssst!  Over here–Don’t make it so obvious!

Okay…So, don’t tell Chynna, but I forgot to post the update yesterday.  I mean, it’s okay because I still posted it and all, it’s just a day late…I’M NOT A BAD–I’m not a bad person…I’m just a bad scheduler…

Anywho, we have one of Chynna’s newer pictures (as is our new tradition on Saturdays) in the Eurasia Gallery.  I’m not really sure what the classical and psychological symbolism of Ai sticking a fork into a socket is, but I like the face she’s making, so that’s why I picked it…My thought process is very complex.

Okay, so there you go.  The update’s late, but you still got it.  What Chynna doesn’t know won’t kill her…But I’ll kill you if she finds out…And shortly afterwards, she’ll kill me and when we’re both in Hell, I’ll kill you again!

Hoping There Aren’t Laws Against Making Fake Threats And Not Sincerely Looking To Harm Anyone,